King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church

Our History

King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church organized at 1445 South Hancock Street, November 2, 1933. There were five members: Deacon Harvey Wright, Deacon Curtis, Mother King, Sister Alberta Brown, and Rev. Arthur Brown, Rev. W. B. Brown was the pastor and shortly after the organization of the church Rev. Brown being inspired by God became an evangelist, leaving the church without a pastor.


In 1934, Rev. Governor Head accepted the responsibility of being the leader. Under his leadership many members were added to the church. He served as pastor for three years.

In 1937, Rev. Kirby Wilson assumed the responsibility as pastor. Under the leadership of Bro. Wilson, he and the deacons built a new sanctuary. Bro. Wilson served as pastor and carpenter. While the church was under construction, they rented the church next door to the Old Red Cross Hospital for worship services. .

Rev. Wilson labored hard to get the church built, being exposed to much inclement weather and frustration thus causing his health to deteriorate. Bro. Wilson was admitted to Waverly Hill Sanitarium. Bro. Stanley Evans was appointed by Bro. Wilson to serve as pastor during his illness. God restored Bro. Wilson’s health and blessed him to return to his flock and complete his unfinished task. He served until his death May of 1946.

In 1947, Rev. C. G. Brown was called as pastor. Under his leadership the choir was organized, Sister Goldie Hyatt was the choir director. Sister Henrietta Hyatt was the pianist, other members were: Sister Grown, Sister Lou Ella Robinson, Sister Jenny Harris, Sister A. Harris, Sister Arlene Macklin, Sister Viola Reed, and Sister Marian Jackson. Rev. Brown also organized groups to keep the young people active in the church. In their activities the juniors raised money to purchase a water fountain and helped furnish the choir room. Trouble and strife set in and Rev. Brown left and soon set up his own mission.

The members met again and agreed to ask Rev. Stanley Evans to be the pastor. The membership grew and God blessed us spiritually and financially. It was not long before we were able to purchase a furnace and a piano for the church.

The young adult choir was organized under the leadership of Rev. Evans. Bro. Henry Byrd served as president of the choir and Sister Leona Jackson was secretary. They called themselves “THE STARS OF HARMONY." They raised $718.00 to purchase a new piano from Shackleton Piano Company.

In 1958, King Solomon was without a leader again. Once again the members came together and agreed to ask Rev. Peter Wilson to take over as acting pastor. Rev. Wilson was ordained by Bro. C. G. Brown, our former Pastor. Rev. Wilson served well for three years and the membership continued to grow. He built the church bulletin board and Brother Julius Hagan built the swinging vestibule doors. The membership of the young people was growing again with the help of adult supervision, having fund drives and being successful in their efforts.

Later in the same year Rev. Marcus McCollum of Zion Baptist Church was asked to take the leadership as pastor and under his leadership the church continued to grow. We celebrated our first Easter Sunrise Baptism Service with ten being baptized new hymn books was purchased and our first mimeograph machine was brought. We were finally free of debt. Rev. McCollum labored for a while and then he left and organized the Greater Faith Baptist Church.

In 1961, Bro. Charles Elliott, Jr. was asked to take leadership of being the pastor of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church. Worship services being held at 1445 Bland Street. At that time Rev. Elliott’s salary was $20.00 per week. The membership continued to grow and before long the church on Bland Street was too small for the membership and Rev. Elliott begin to search for a larger edifice. Shortly after the riot, there white people began moving out of the west end in droves. This caused Shiloh Baptist Church to be able to purchase the building at their present location on Catalpa Street allowing King Solomon to bid for their church at 1620

Anderson Street. We made a $500.00 down payment on the property. The purchase price of the property was $33,000.00.

Shortly after moving to 1620 Anderson Street the congregation continued to grow and again we were in need of a larger edifice, Rev. Elliott begins his search. We had services a few times at Virginia Avenue Baptist Church at 26th and Virginia Avenue and one Sunday at the Catholic Church at 17th & Broadway. With much being said the pastor decided to stop looking and with encouragement from Bro. Julius Maupin and Sister Lena Thompson the pastor decided to build at the 1620 Anderson Street location.

The church employed Dexter Construction Company to reconstruct the building. After the completion of the basement the sanctuary was torn down and worship services was held in the basement until January of 1975 when the new sanctuary was completed Sis Minnie Wheeler gave a physical check for two-thousand dollars to be placed in the cornerstone of the church and she gave a check of the same amount to be deposited.

In 1984, Bro. Louis Bryant along with members of the Sunday School Staff and other members of the church tiled the basement floor. Later individual class rooms were built by the men of the church.

In 1989, the Women’s Auxiliary had a handicap ramp added to the church Sister Violette Gill’s was president.

In 1990, a new roof was put on the sanctuary.

In 1995, new carpet was installed in the sanctuary.

In 1998, with a donation of $16,000.00 from Mr. Al J. Schnieder the roof was resealed whereas to prolong the fife of the roof.

In 1999 & the beginning of 2000, the sanctuary was redecorated with new pews, carpet, a new sound system, and we purchased a new but used organ.
In 2001 we had 451 active members with an average weekly attendance of 375. We had 36 new members to join our church family this year, 18 by Baptism, 10 by Christian Experience, and 8 by Letter.

From January 1, 2002 to August 21, 2002 no major events had taken place at King Solomon Baptist Church, but sadly as we think back over the years we cannot recall a year that God saw fit to take so many of our loved ones in one year.

In 2003 we raise more than 27,000.00 with our 4th Sunday Night programs that were launched by Pastor Charles Elliott. The Themes for each 4th Sunday were:
1) Darkness & Light
2) The Ten Virgins (five wise, five foolish)
3) The 144 Thousand
4) The Sigh of the Rainbow
5) The New Heaven &
6) The Coming of Christ
Also Evangelist Wanda McIntyre and other ministers continue the out reach Ministry of our door services started by Pastor Elliott with service in the Clarksdale Housing Apartment Complex. In 2004 we continued to worship and praise God with great enthusiasm.

In 2005 was the first year for the Youth Prayer Conference and it was a success.

In 2006 King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church held their 2nd Youth Prayer Conference August 10 – 12, the at the Executive Inn the theme for the conference was: Youth Survival Through Prayer souls were saved lives were changed and we had a good time in the Lord.

2007 Anniversary Theme “To God Be The Glory”
2008 Anniversary Theme “Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church”
2009 Anniversary Theme “Walking In The Fear Of The Lord”
2010 Anniversary Theme: “Commemorating 77 Years of History”
2011 Anniversary Theme: “When The Saints Go Marching In”
Pastor Elliott was the major speaker for our in house revival souls was saved and many renewed their dedication to God and the church. This year we has 7 deaths and 15 new members was added to the King Solomon Family.
September 4, 2011 at approximately 6:30 AM we had an electrical fire in the vestibule of the church thus causing a complete restoration of the church sanctuary.
2012 Anniversary Theme “Except the Lord build the house”
2013 Anniversary Theme: “Upon This Rock”
2014 Anniversary Theme: The Day of Pentecost